Faith and Science

March 9, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • Jeff quotes Vanilla Ice???
  • Dave quotes Yoda???
  • Can Science and Religion get along?
  • The supposed Christian mindset
  • Can God be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense?
  • Is Theology a science?
  • Theology is searching for hard facts, just as science
  • The search for truth is important
  • We believe we have found truth in the person of Jesus
  • 4 Different views on the relation of Science and Christianity
    • Conflict – The two are at odds! Cannot coexist!
    • Independence – Both have their own domain and jurisdiction.
    • Dialogue – It’s possible for agreement. There is sharing of information.
    • Integration – This is where Truth Revolution sits. Science and Theology agree.
  • The Bible is not meant as a science book
  • Is the Scientific Method the only real way to attaining knowledge?
  • We believe that to be false
  • General Revelation is an important touching point between both sides
  • Did the forefathers of science create a monster?
    • Who carried Jesus’ cross?
    • Mark 15:20b-24a (Simon of Cyrene) vs John 19:16-18 (Jesus, himself)
  • We believe that one cannot separate faith and science
    • If a baby dies and goes to heaven, what’s the point of living life??

This show originally aired March 9th, 2014



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