Christianity at the Crossroads

August 27, 2017

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Topic Notes

Introducing Dr. Kruger

What’s the deal with 2nd Century Church History?

This is the first time the Church has to move forward without the Apostles.

Who were the Apostles?

The Roman Government began to really persecute Christians in the 2nd Century.

Religious Rome vs Christianity.

What are the parallels between the religious climate in the 2nd Century compared to today?

The intellectual persecution of 2nd Century Rome.

The 2nd Century saw the rise of apologetics.

Romans saw the worship of Jesus as strange because crucifixion was a criminal’s death and very humiliating.

The Christian Church was stuck in the middle, being persecuted by both Rome and Jewish authorities.

What was the Doctrinal Theological Transition?

Bible Contradiction

Was the stone rolled away?
Matthew 28:1-2 vs Mark 16:4


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