Faith & Science: Part II

March 16, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • We love questions!
  • The large majority of Christians are NOT ignorant
  • The four relationships between Science and Religion: Conflict, independence, Dialog and Integration
  • Our Universe is
  • Science is here to discover God’s creation
  • Is science arrogant? We think not!
  • Some scientists are arrogant, however some Christians are, also
  • What’s with some of the Bible’s descriptions?
  • Job 37:18 ‘A dome in the sky’? what’s up with that?
  • Revelation 7:1 ‘The world is square? huh?
  • The Bible isn’t a science book and a science book isn’t something to “live your life by”
  • The Bible also isn’t anti-scientific!
  • Astronomical Science SUPPORTS the Biblical version of the birth of the Universe.
  • Faith and Science has a LOT in common, one needs to just take a close look.
  • Genesis 5:5 Longevity? Adam lived 930 years. What??
  • Science is beginning to understand genetic markers and how it is possible to live a very long time
  • What does Bruno Mars have to do with the Bible?
  • A BIBLE CONTRADICTION via the Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Is it good to be wealthy?
    • Psalm 112:1-3 says YES vs Matthew 19:23-24 says NO
    • Has there ever been a point in Church history when there was a different viewpoint than we see in the Christocentric Hermeneutic?

This show originally aired March 16th, 2014



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