Does Your Bible Lack Power?

March 2, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • Bible reading is an important habit
  • What keeps us from reading scripture?
  • Different Bible-reading habits
  • Join us at Revolution Church Sundays 9:00am and 11:15am
  • Everyone has a past!! But, in Christ we also have a future!!
  • Of vinegar and water baloons
  • Jeff confesses his past
  • It is scary what we can do to each other as humans
  • But it is NOTHING compared to what God can do!
  • God created everything with his WORDS!
  • The words of God are not weak… but why does it seem that way?
  • Luke 6:43-45
  • What comes out of your life shows who you really are
  • Are you a follower of Jesus? Does your life show it?
  • You are what your actions say you are!
  • Actions speak louder than words… but words do indicate who we are.
  • Luke 6:45-46
  • It’s not about just being “nice”
  • The most powerful part of reading the Word of God is putting it into action
  • The proper interpretation of scripture ultimately leads to a change of heart and a change in your actions
  • Here’s what you gotta do: DROP THE CLUTCH!!
  • The power of God’s word will remain idle until you ENGAGE!
  • A BIBLE CONTRADICTION via Freedom from Religion Foundation
    • Shall we call people fools or not? Is Jesus in danger of hell?
    • Matthew 5:22 vs Matthew 23:17 Did Jesus contradict himself?
  • James 2:14-17 Faith without action
  • the Defibrillator Analogy
  • Luke 6:47-49 Digging takes work! DROP THE CLUTCH!!
  • James 1:27 Jeff and his wife decided to LIVE IT OUT!
  • Simply, it’s not JUST about orphan care.
    • Why the trinity? Why not the quadrinity? or septinity?

This show originally aired March 2nd, 2014



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