The Science of Free Will: Illusion or Not? Genetics and the Soul.

June 17, 2024

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In this engaging episode of Truth Revolution, Pastor Jeff Piepho interviews Fuz Rana, President of Reasons to Believe and a biochemist. They delve into the fascinating intersection of science and faith, exploring genetic determinism versus free will, and highlighting the influence of genetics and environment on behavior while asserting the presence of genuine free will. Fuz shares insights on the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and the hopeful message of personal change through faith.

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Host: Jeff Piepho, Pastor at Revolution Church
Guest: Fuz Rana, President and CEO of Reasons to Believe, Biochemist


Guest Introduction

Background of Fuz Rana: Biochemist, President of Reasons to Believe
Organization’s mission: Communicating the scientific case for God’s existence and the Bible’s reliability

Fuz Rana’s Journey to Faith

Conversion during graduate school
Initial belief in Darwinistic evolution
Convincing factor: Elegant design of biochemical systems
Key influence: The Gospels, particularly the Sermon on the Mount

Discussion on Determinism and Free Will

Genetic Determinism:
Concept: Genes dictate who we are and who we become
Pop culture’s mistaken notion of strict genetic determinism
Biological and psychological traits influenced by genes but not wholly determined

Biological Determinism:
Importance of genetics in determining biological traits
Influence of genetic makeup on medicine response and health conditions
Environmental and life experiences’ impact on behavior and personality

Case Against Strict Determinism

Influence of environmental factors and personal experiences
Limited determinism or constrained free will:
Ability to rise above genetic and environmental influences
Role of free will in decision-making

Notable Quotes and Ideas

David Moore: Genes do not solely determine traits
Igor Zvere: Human personality is heritable but not solely determined by genetics
Robert Sapolsky: Biological determinism and its societal implications
Need for a restructured society based on determinism
Debate on moral culpability and legal system implications

Free Will and Its Implications

Existence of free will supported by various scientists despite materialistic worldview
Concept of metacognition: Thinking about thinking and its role in free will
Materialistic explanation vs. immaterial aspect of human nature
Philosophical arguments for the existence of the soul and free will

Role of the Holy Spirit and Christian Perspective

Transformation through the renewing of the mind (Romans 12)
Interaction of brain, mind, and spirit in decision-making and character development
Influence of the Holy Spirit in overcoming deterministic influences

Practical Application

Addressing behaviors influenced by genetics and environment
Hopeful message: Ability to rise above negative influences through free will and divine assistance
Encouragement for individuals struggling with behaviors and addictions


Fuz Rana’s final thoughts on the interplay of genetics, environment, and free will
Importance of partnering with the Holy Spirit for personal transformation
Closing remarks and thanks from Jeff Piepho

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Guest’s organization: Reasons to Believe

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