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September 6, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Intro
  • Bible / Brains; Faith / Reason
  • Basket o’ Questions
  • First Question: Too many Kids die today for there to be an all powerful almighty god; I’m not buying this freewill stuff. If there is a devil and a god, the devil wins every time a child is killed. I will never see it any other way. And if the devil wins, that means that he (God) is not almighty.
    • Where does our Moral Standard come from?
    • The existence of evil proves that there is a God
    • God even told us that this is the way our world would be
    • God sent Jesus to solve the problem
  • Second Question: There are over 300 religions in the world – a handful before yours – a lot after, but yours is only 2,014 years old.
    • Almost all religions make claims about Jesus
    • Jesus claims to be God
    • Either Jesus was lying and ALL religions are wrong (because of their claims about Jesus) or All are wrong BUT Christianity
    • Validity is not based on age
    • Christianity is still an offshoot of Judaism, therefore it is very ancient.
  • Third Question: Why were there millions of years of life on earth before people. I’m not buying that the earth is only 6,000 years old.
    • We (at Truth Revolution) accept the scientific age of the Earth
    • Many Christians and Theologians believe the earth is extremely old
    • The Bible never gives the age of the Earth
    • Death and the Fall
    • Christianity is still an offshoot of Judaism, therefore it is very ancient.
  • Fourth Question: (Concerning religion) What makes you think yours is right?
    • The Resurrection of Jesus. If it’s true, so is Christianity
    • The Resurrection is testable
  • Fifth Question:I have a million dollar grandpa that was vice president of Koch oil shipping and president of Koch oil pipeline… hands down the smartest man I have ever met. Tells a story about a spacecraft covering the sky just like in independence day… he says it flew over his base in Germany in the 60s and it completely covered the sky. He can tell you almost all major memory’s in his life from the time he was 3. he is crazy smart if he says he saw a craft cover the sky it happened! I believe we are not alone.
    • We have to be realistic about the possibility of life on other worlds
    • But God is a creative God and it would not be surprising to find other creations
    • Life in the universe is VERY rare, but it is very big
  • Sixth Question:We take up 22 square feet on an Earth that is just shy of 200 billion square MILES that somehow floats in a space we can’t even come close to figuring out how big it is
    … and…
    Seventh Question: Why is space not mentioned in first testament (old testament), if god made earth, he surly made space, right?

    • Dinosaurs are real, but the Bible isn’t about that
    • Likewise, Spanish class doesn’t teach about space travel
    • Why should the Bible be any different?
    • The Bible is about the relationship between God and Man
      Where Was Jesus on the Sixth Hour of the Crucifixion?

    • Mark 15:32-33 vs John 19:14-15



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