Immortal – Our Terrible Fear of Death

May 3, 2020

Truth Revolution on

Topic Notes

  • Introducing Dr. Clay Jones
  • How did this book come about?
  • What is Secular Salvation?
  • Boredom and death?
  • We use distractions to keep us from worrying about death
  • Why are people afraid of death?
  • How do people cope with the fact that they are going to die?
  • Some are very serious about becoming immortal. What is wrong with that?
  • What is an Immortality Project?
  • How successful can these projects be?
  • How do atheists handle their fear of death?
  • Many in our society have rejected belief in an afterlife, how is that hurting them?
  • Why do a lot of Christians fear death?
  • What is the Christian’s answer to the fear of death?



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