The Law of Human Nature

January 6, 2013

Topic Notes

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  • C.S. Lewis and the Law of Human Nature
  • The Law of Human Nature = Moral Laws of Right and Wrong
  • Morals show that there is a God
  • Can different cultures have different Moral Laws?
  • Would it be in God’s interest for all humans to know his ethics perfectly?
  • More talk on Christopher Hitchens (Our knowledge of Right and Wrong is inate in us)
  • Moral Scenarios: U.S. vs The Rest of the World
  • We are born with a moral compass… where does it come from?
  • We can recognize examples of Moral and Non-Moral judgements without them being defined
  • Bible Contradiction: The Lord is Good to All… or not?
    • Psalm 145:9
    • Jeremiah 13:14
  • Where does Real Morality come from?
  • Morality doesn’t change only situational facts change.
  • Does evolution cause morals?
  • Does evolution cause amoralism?


This show originally aired January 6, 2013