Rewind: The Dangers of Scientism

June 7, 2020

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Topic Notes

Welcome Dr J.P. Moreland

Science is wonderful. However, Scientism is an ideology that is very dangerous as it is the idea that the only way we have to know what is real is through science.

Scientism says that anything that is not proven through science is simply personal opinion.

What is faith? Does Scientism undercut faith?

A lot of Christians follow blindly.

As Christians, we can put our confidence in spiritual evidence.

Strong Scientism vs Weak Scientism: which is more dangerous?

Mathematics and Logic. How do these apply to reality?

They aren’t known through senses. These are known by a grasp of the mind. These are necessary truths which cannot be made false.

The truths of science are contingent truths and aren’t known with as great a certainty as mathematics and logic.

Each of us has first-person authority over our own consciousness.

Bible Contradiction

Is God warlike? or is He peaceful?

Exodus 15:3 vs. Romans 15:33




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