Searching for Sodom

October 25, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Aliens / Earth / Sodom
  • Lots of stuff going on today
  • Has archaeology uncovered Sodom?
  • 12 evidences that Sodom has been found
  • 1. There’s evidence the men at the site practiced the kidnapping and raping of young boys.
  • this matches Genesis 19:4-5
  • 2. A meteor air burst explosion completely decimated the city that’s buried there.
  • what is an air burst? See The Tunguska Event, Russia, 1908
  • Trinitite was discovered on the back of a pottery shard.
  • A zircon bubble which can only form under extreme temperature was also found.
  • 3. This air burst could have similar to what’s described in the Bible.
  • Genesis 19:24, 27-28
  • 4. It could also explain the strange ”salt” verse.
  • What is Kelvin converted to Fahrenheit?
  • 8,000 deg Kelvin = 13,900 deg Fahrenheit combined with salt spray would result in the landscape (and everything in it) to be flash cooked and encrusted in salt.
  • The remaining points can be read in the article on Sodom is in the News
  • One or two points may be discarded as coincidence, but an abundance of evidence leads one to the truth
  • It is important to note that this is simply an interesting find… we shouldn’t argue about such things that do not affect salvation.
  • TOPIC #2: The search begins: a telescope array is now focusing in on ‘alien megastructure’ star
  • There are several plausible explanations for this phenomena, not just aliens.
  • Headlines are nowadays written to garner clicks and/or create controversy
  • TOPIC #3: Earth is one of the Universe’s first habitable planets, and most are yet to be born
  • Could Earth be the very Genesis of life in the Universe?
  • Jeff has a mathematical meltdown.
  • 92% of the Universe’s habitable planets have yet to be born
  • But… HOW DOES SCIENCE KNOW?? Jeff explains.
  • Something to think about: These future planets are going to be so far away from the genesis of the Universe that they will not be able to figure out how the Universe began.

    • In “A List of Biblical Contradictions” on, Jim Meritt writes, ” The Bible is riddled with repetitions and contradictions, things that the Bible bangers would be quick to point out in anything that they want to criticize…. Of the various methods I’ve seen to “explain” these: #1. That is to be taken metaphorically.” In other words, what is written is not what is meant. I find this entertaining, especially for those who decide what ISN’T to be taken as other than the absolute WORD OF GOD–which just happens to agree with the particular thing they happen to want…”
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    • “I don’t know how to pray or to start really. I feel silly . I worry too much about what others think if they see or hear me pray. Do I have to speak out loud for him to hear me ?? Silly questions I know.”
    • Luke 5:22 and Psalms 139:4


Article on Sodom is in the News
Article on The search begins: a telescope array is now focusing in on ‘alien megastructure’ star
Article on Most Earth-like worlds have yet to be born



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