What’s Wrong with Christianity Pt2

October 16, 2016

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Article: 10 Reasons Christianity is Wrong
Evil: The tried and true returns. If you are a Christian you are probably rolling your eyes because you’ve heard it time and again. Why don’t we atheists understand that: [A] God works in mysterious ways, [B] God gave us free will which allows us to commit evil and good, [C] the world is in a fallen state, and [D] Satan represents a real presence in the world?
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  • Murder IS problematic in God’s eyes.
  • Free will and punishment. Where should God draw the line?
  • Just because God set this universe up for existence, doesn’t mean that God is at fault for evil. We are.
  • Dingo for President?

The Bible is Not Consistent: Many, if not most, Christians would say that the Bible is inerrant. Well, they are wrong. Saying so doesn’t require an appeal to history, science, and/or archaeology; it only requires a demonstration that the Bible is incoherent–that is, it contains claims that cannot be true simultaneously.
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  • Genealogy problems: See Bible Contradiction below.

Christianity Cannot be the Religion that Jesus Preached: The story of Christianity is the story of the beliefs that Jesus professed developing into the religion that professes Jesus. In other words; dogma. It is pure folly to believe that Simon Peter, Thomas, Mary Magdalene et.al followed Jesus because, when he died, they would be able to absolve their sins by believing in him.
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  • This is all simply conjecture. Where is the proof?
  • The teaching of Jesus’ forgiveness for sins is central to Christian theology

The Gospels are not Historically Reliable: We need not demonstrate Biblical errors solely through appeals to internal consistency. Doing so only tells us that something in the “word of God” is awry–but not necessarily which word is wrong. In order to perform Biblical analysis that actually broadens our view of what is true and false in the “good” book we need to bring in external sources.
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  • Regular census took place ever 4 to 6 years.
  • Quirinius oversaw a census as Governor and also when he held another office.

Bible Contradiction (double shot)

    Contradiction #1: Jesus’ Genealogy – why the difference?

  • Matthew 1:1-16 vs. Luke 3:23-38
    Contradiction #2: Did God destroy Tyre or not?

  • Ezekiel 26:4 vs. Mark 3:8


READ: 10 Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong by Trevor Burrus



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