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June 29, 2014

Topic Notes

  • Truth Revolution on Tour!?
  • Science and Religion can coexist?
  • Answering “Problems with Christianity” from
  • Listener Question from Bill
    • That was a great show on slavery in the Bible, but I was expecting you to mention the most unique aspect of the Biblical laws regarding slavery.

      It was against the Law in Israel to return a runaway slave. According to Deut. 23:15-16, the Jews were not only forbidden from returning runaway slaves, but they actually had a duty to welcome runaways into their communities. This would have ensured that all slavery was voluntary throughout the nation of Israel. Any slave who felt mistreated could simply run away and be granted immediate freedom.

      Thank you again for a great show.

  • Invitation to Revolution Church
  • Talking Neurophysiology
  • What makes people believe in God?
  • We are spiritual/physical beings
  • Many gods were invented to explain the world around us.
  • What of the stories of Creation and the Flood?
  • Science has not shown these things to be false
  • There are answers to difficult questions
  • LINK: Noah vs Noah
  • Demonic possession?? What gives?
  • Jesus coming to Earth is an important focal point in the scope of eternity
  • Even Jesus didn’t blame all sickness on demonic activity
  • No justification for Hell?
  • God sends nobody to Hell. We have a choice.
  • Two options: Heaven or Hell
  • How can people in Heaven be happy with loved ones in Hell?
  • Loved ones suffer here on Earth, but we have the ability to enjoy things in spite of that.
  • Shouldn’t God have set up something different that would allow more people into Heaven?
  • The Gold Medal Analogy
  • Bible Contradiction via Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Is God omnipotent (all powerful) or not?
    • 1st Kings 4:26 vs 2nd Chronicles 9:25
  • Genocide ordered by a merciful God???
    • Genocide ordered by a merciful God??? (continued)
    • This question does not disprove that God exists!
    • Our finite minds vs God’s infinite mind
    • Why wouldn’t God kill Hitler?
    • The Bible does not make clear the Plan of Salvation??
    • Romans 10:9 makes the plan of salvation abundantly clear
    • God cares about intent
    • The plan of redemption makes no sense??
    • Discussion on Atonement: Christus Victor / Penal Substitution
    • LINK: The Nature of Atonement
    • The stories of the Resurrection are not consistent??
    • We disagree
    • Why did people like Thomas get proof and we didn’t?
    • Life is sometimes unfair! It’s the way life is!
    • John 20:28
    • Why did God create a world in which animals must eat meat? What about parasites? Why do innocent animals suffer?
    • Let’s talk logic!
    • Population control! Think Cow Explosion!
    • Parasites are part of the cycle of the world
    • Why did God create so many species only to allow most of them to become extinct before man even existed?
    • This is a scientific question not a spiritual one
    • Sending a T Rex to Mars?
    • What about Matthew 16:27-28?
    • What about the canon of the bible rejecting the apocrypha?
    • LINK: How Was the Bible Put Together
    • Religion as a family tradition?
    • Talking General Revelation
    • Is God an egomaniac because he needs our worship?
    • Because it is right!
    • Nature and everything in it was created to glorify God!
    • God is WORTHY
    • Why does God threaten us with Hell?
    • This isn’t a threat it’s a warning
    • Romans 9:15-23 says that God deliberately causes sinners to sin.
    • Exodus 33:19
    • There is evidence inside the Bible itself that much of the Old Testament was not written until the time of Josiah.
    • This is just a wrong assumption!

This show originally aired June 29nd, 2014


Problems with Christianity by Rich Daniel at



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