Noah vs Noah -with Dr. Hugh Ross

April 6, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • Jeff is so GRAD you’re here!!
  • Introducing Dr. Hugh Ross!
  • Science and Biblical faith are allies?
  • Dr Ross’ short testimony
  • Talking about NOAH: The movie
  • 2nd Peter 2:4-9 and Hebrews 11:7 also describe Noah
  • The Ark was a pulpit for the Biblical Noah
  • God offers salvation at ALL times, even in the darkest times
  • The pre-flood society was ultra-corrupt!
  • Noah and the Book of Enoch
  • The movie got it wrong in that the fallen angels were the heroes and God was portrayed as evil
  • Hollywood is not in the Theology business
  • The Noah movie is a piece of entertainment not a theological discourse.
  • Was the Great Flood a GLOBAL flood?
  • What is the difference between Worldwide and Global?
  • A dove’s perspective
  • A flood could wipe out all humanity without having to inundate the entire planet
  • Until after the flood, society stayed local to the Middle East area
  • Was murder so rampant that only 5% of the population survived being killed off?
    • God preserved the story for US in the 21st century!
    • It is our choice that condemns us, not God
    • Psalms, Proverbs and Job give us evidence against a GLOBAL flood – again, providing for the possibility of a local flood
      • Was Christ’s mission peace?
      • Luke 2:13,14 (Christ’s mission was peace) vs Matt 10:34 (Christ’s mission was NOT peace)
    • What about scientific evidence of the Flood?
    • short time-span floods do not leave a lasting marker
    • There is evidence of PRE-flood deluges in Mesopotamia
    • Is there a correlation between Noah’s story and the Epic of Gilgamesh?

This show originally aired April 6th, 2014


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