The Nature of Atonement

September 15, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Talking about Atonement
  • Romans 3:25
  • The Penal Substitution: Was Jesus PUNISHED for our sins?
  • Christus Victor: Jesus is VICTORIOUS over Evil!
  • A ton of scripture talks, in specifics, about the Christus Victor View
  • The Old Testament had a Captor/Victor motif that was a shadow of Christus Victor
  • What about God turning His back on Christ as he hung on the Cross?
    • Christ taught non-resistance / Christ taught and practiced physical resistance
    • Matthew 5:39 and Matthew 26:52 vs Luke 22:36 and John 2:15
  • Christus Victor was a long standing view from the early Church
  • Christus Victor speaks directly about Spiritual Warfare
  • Proto Evangelium: The Death and Resurrection of Christ was the plan from the beginning
  • Freedom from Sin is NOT A BIPRODUCT of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it is the WHOLE POINT
  • LISTENER QUESTION: What do you think of Walid Schubat’s Eschatology?

The Champion by Carmen

This show originally aired September 15th, 2013

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