Slavery in the Bible

June 22, 2014

Topic Notes

  • Introduction
  • Many people knock the Bible because of its supposed treatment of slavery
  • Review from last week: What is the criteria for something to be Scripture?
    • 1. It must have been written by a prophet.
    • 2. Does it tell the truth about God?
    • 3. It must have the POWER of God!
    • 4. Was it accepted by the people of God?
  • If all the above is true, why would God allow slavery: Leviticus 25:45
  • D = Dialect (cracked acronym)
  • What was a slave 3,000 years ago
  • Talking slavery from the Dictionary of Later New Testament and its Developments
  • Nothing about appearance, legal status and/or social status could help identify a slave from their owners
  • Many slaves were educated better than their owners
  • Many slaves attended the same church as their owners
  • Bible Contradiction via Freedom From Religion Foundation
    • Is God omnipotent (all powerful) or not?
    • Jeremiah 32:27 and Matthew 19:26 vs Judges 1:19
  • Many slaves held very high positions in society
  • Slavery in biblical times was more like conscription.
  • Slaves could own property… and even their own slaves
  • Slaves were allowed to congregate publicly
  • Listener Question from Robert in Las Vegas, NV
    • If Jesus is God, why does He refer to God as someone other than Himself? (3rd person)
  • Slaves did not see themselves as a common group of people suffering a plight together
  • Slaves often did climb socially
  • Large majority of slaves could look forward to being freed by the age of 30 and often became citizens the Roman Empire

This show originally aired June 22nd, 2014



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