Finding Human Origins

July 6, 2014

Topic Notes

  • Introducing Dr. Fazale Rana from Reasons to Believe
  • What is Molecular Anthropology?
  • Building Gene Family Trees
  • Science says humanity originates in East Africa (very similar to Biblical claims)
  • Science and Biblical accounts are beginning to harmonize???
  • Traditional view of human origins traces back to approximately 2 million years ago
  • Molecular Anthropology dates the origins of humanity to 100,000 to 200,000 years ago
  • Old Testament Geneologies are not an adequate clock to count years in our history. They are more used for Theological points rather than Chronology
  • Molecular Anthropology uses Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosomal DNA to determine human origins
  • Mitochondrial DNA passes from Mother to Child all the way back from the beginning of history
  • Every human traces their lineage through Mitochondrial DNA to the Mitochondrial Eve!
  • Every human also traces their lineage through Y-Chromosomal DNA to the Y-Chromosomal Adam!
  • Is Genetic Diversity too strong for humanity to have originated such a short time ago?
  • Genetic Diversity is much much stronger than science had once suspected
  • Bible Contradiction via
    • Is God’s anger fierce and does it burn forever? or is He compassionate and slow to anger?
    • Numbers 32:13 vs Psalm 103:81
    • What is Multi-regionalism?
    • How does it differ from the “Out of Africa” Model?
    • How does this all tie in with Molecular Anthropology?
    • Talking about the Big Bang and how it supports the Biblical view of Creation. Is science at it again?
    • The implications of the information derived from Molecular Anthropology are far reaching
    • Where do parasites fit in?
    • Could it be that Humanity actually taught the other hominids sophisticated behavior?
    • What is the socio-cultural big bang?
    • What about the “Image of God” phenomena?
    • Tower of Babel and “Pattern of Spread”

This show originally aired July 6th, 2014


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