Is Christianity Real?

April 19, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • What causes people to leave the faith?
  • Why did God take such a long path to contact mankind?
  • Evolution is not a proven fact, but IF God wanted to use that path, it’s His prerogative.
  • The Earth is ideally suited for Human life RIGHT NOW
  • God invented the idea of a process
  • Why is it imperative that God be in a rush to do everything?
  • Jesus and Lazarus (an example of the process)
  • Is it possible that God would be glorified MORE through the process?
  • God had contact with Humans from the very beginning
  • Mankind walked away from God, not vice-versa
  • Why choose a certain people over another? (as in Israel)
  • God does not favor one person or group of people over others
  • Why would God be so cruel as to destroy women and children
  • God is worthy of worship, regardless of His actions
  • As humans, sometimes we have a very small view of God
  • What about the story of Noah’s Ark?
  • What about animal sacrifice?
    • Was Jesus’ first sermon on a plain or on a mount?
    • Matthew 5:1-2 (KJV) vs Luke 6:17-20 (KJV)

    • I recently found your website after going down a “how to answer an atheist” rabbit hole a couple of weeks ago. I have really enjoyed listening to your broadcasts and have a comment for you regarding to the “Debate Review: Ken Ham v. Bill Nye” broadcast…

      …Pastor Jeff started with the “16 million species on earth” figure that Bill Nye gave but I think that number is a bit dubious especially as it relates to this discussion. The Catalogue of Life ( lists the number of known species to be approximately 1.7 million. …The best numbers I can find for the kinds of animals that would have been on the ark in terms of species alive today are:

      Mammals- 5,500
      Birds- 10,400
      Reptiles- 10,000
      Amphibians- 7,300

      TOTAL- 33,200

      … Now I’m not a biologist (or mathematician for that matter so please check my math) but 8 – 17 new species per year (spread out over at least 1000 kinds) seems like a reasonable number to me or at the very least is not quite the “death blow to young earth creationism” that 11 new species per day would be.


How I figured Out Christianity is Not Real, an article by Michael Runyan on



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