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Seemingly the biggest contradiction in the Bible: God is called loving and merciful, but the Old Testament is full of stories where He killed and ordered the death of entire cities. What gives?

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We did a FULL 30-MINUTE SHOW with this question in in too. Check it out.

Audio Transcript:

Dave: Why is God called “loving” and “merciful” when the Bible itself contains
stories of how he commanded one nation to destroy another?

Jeff: Atheists often like this question, but we should realize that it doesn’t prove
there’s no God.

Dave: Right- it’s just asking what kind of God exists?

Jeff: Exactly, and the question is – is God “just” or good when he orders that
someone be killed?

Dave: Almost everyone agrees that When Adolf Hitler went on a killing spree and
used his nation to do untold evil – it was appropriate to stop him.

Jeff: If this is okay for humans to do, wouldn’t it be even more true for God
himself? God has the right to stop nations, or people, who do evil.

Dave: In addition, we should recognize that only God has a long-term perspective,
we simply don’t know what would happen had he not destroyed some of those

Jeff: We do know, however, what the doomed states were involved in – things like
bestiality, incest and molestation – even child sacrifice.

Dave: If that doesn’t justify God eliminating a culture, what would?

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