Answering Difficult Questions Pt1

June 16, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Talking about Adam Lee’s article ‘Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor’
  • Question No.1
    Why is God called loving or merciful when, in the Old Testament’s stories of the Israelite conquest, he specifically orders his chosen people to massacre their enemies, showing no mercy to men, women, even children and animals?
  • This is not a question about whether or not God exists
  • The real question is: ‘Did God do this?’
  • Can God do that and still be a Merciful God?
  • Was it a good idea to stop Hitler?
  • If it is true for humans to punish another human, wouldn’t it be infinitely more acceptable for God to punish humans
  • Quite typically, God spared the repentant
  • Joshua 6:24-25
  • Mercy is what He is all about, is God Just?
  • Nobody goes to Hell against their will
  • Question No.2
    Does it make sense to claim, as the Bible does, that wrongdoing can be forgiven by magically transferring the blame from a guilty person to an innocent one, then punishing the innocent person?
  • This question is a misunderstanding of what the Crucifixion represents
  • What is Substitutionary Atonement?
  • Romans 14:9
  • Christ died and so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living
  • What is Christus Victor?
  • Bible Contradiction via
    • Who created the Earth: God or Jesus?
    • Genesis 1:1 vs 1 Corinthians 8:6
  • LISTENER QUESTION: Is there a purgatory?
  • The concept of Purgatory insults Christ’s ultimate sacrifice
  • This show originally aired June 16, 2013



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