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Is God merciful and loving? How does our salvation fit into the equation?

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We did a FULL 30-MINUTE SHOW with this question in in too. Check it out.

Audio Transcript:

Dave: Why is God called “loving” and “merciful” when the Bible itself contains
stories of how he commanded one nation to destroy another?

Jeff: In the last Truth Shot we showed that God would be justified in his actions,
but the question still remains:

Dave: Is God merciful and loving, if he does this?

Jeff: One important fact lies at the heart of this question:

Dave: What’s that?

Jeff: ANYONE who repented from doing wrong, would’ve been forgiven by God.

Dave: ANYONE?!

Jeff: Anyone. God has to judge people if they do wrong, but if they turn and
say, “Forgive me, I want to change” he forgives them.

Dave: In Joshua 6:24-25 we see that the Israelites were going to take over the city
of Jericho – enemies of God. But, there was a prostitute there…

Jeff: And she wasn’t killed, because she decided she needed God.

Dave: Right – God spared her whole family.

Jeff: And that’s why God is called merciful – even though we deserve judgment,
Jesus forgives anyone who asks for it. ANYONE!

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