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What exactly is Purgatory? Is there Biblical truth in the concept?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Some Christians teach the concept of Purgatory – a place where you go
after you die but before Heaven.

Jeff: They say a temporary punishment or purification takes place..

Dave: The question is: is it real?

Jeff: Purgatory is not a Biblical concept. In fact, the idea of purgatory insults
Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice. If purgatory was real, either Jesus’ death wasn’t
enough to pay for our sins, or enough to overcome Satan!

Dave: Plus, purgatory doesn’t even appear in the Bible!

Jeff: Right, it is in the Apocryphal book of 2 Maccabees – a book the Catholic
Church added.

Dave: What do you mean they “added” it?

Jeff: 2 Maccabees wasn’t added to the Bible by the Roman Catholics until 1546 – –

Dave: Whoa, that’s 1,500 years after Jesus!

Jeff: Yeah – and why would they add it then? Maybe because Martin Luther spoke
out against purgatory as being unbiblical – in 1517.

Dave: So, Luther points out that purgatory isn’t in the Bible – then the
Catholic Church responds with adding a book to the Bible that teaches purgatory.

Jeff: Unfortunately, you cannot simply add books to the Bible to support whatever
you want.

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