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Is God merciful and loving? How does our salvation fit into the equation?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Did God fail? One challenger to the faith asks if God has failed because
he doesn’t want people to go to Hell – but many or most people will.

Jeff: It is a failure, but the failure is not God’s. There is an important distinction

Dave: The failure is for human beings to respond to God by asking for forgiveness.

Jeff: Instead, we’ve said he doesn’t exist, or worse yet, agreed that he existed but
didn’t seek Him.

Dave: That’s definitely a “fail” on our part.

Jeff: For example, the Coach of a team has a role to play. He could be a perfect
coach, absolutely ideal in every area and willing to train his players – yet the team
doesn’t show up to practice. Then they try to blame him when they lose games…
Is that a failure?

Dave: Yeah – but it isn’t the coach’s failure.

Jeff: God has given us everything we need for salvation, like Scripture, prophecies,
a Messiah and an offer of forgiveness!

Dave: If we choose to ignore it, we cannot blame God.

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