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Natural Evil is all around us. Why doesn’t God use his power to protect us from it?

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We did a FULL 30-MINUTE SHOW on this topic too.


Audio Transcript:

Dave: Why does God allow “natural evil” to exist? Tornadoes, hurricanes and so

Jeff: Imagine what the world would be like if God stopped something bad from
happening, every time.

Dave: It’d be great!

Jeff: No, it’s be crazy world. There would be no consequences for dumb decisions
and no choice we ever made would mean anything!

Dave: Explain that – let’s say I build my house on an Earthquake prone mountain

Jeff: And every time an earthquake hit, God just miraculously shielded your home.

Dave: I suppose, at that point, my decision to build there doesn’t have any
consequences. But why is that bad?

Jeff: Where does it stop? Let’s say you leave your baby in the earthquake prone
home… alone… by a smoking fire!

Dave: I see- God would be obligated to protect the baby; and again my decision
meant nothing.

Jeff: It gets ridiculous – I shoot you, and God makes the bullet miss! If we expect
God to protect us from natural disasters, our world becomes meaningless
because NO DECISION WE EVER MAKE will be meaningful.

Dave: God allows us to make decisions, and allows the natural consequences of
those decisions.

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