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Why doesn’t God save us from natural disasters? 60 seconds of Truth!

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We did a FULL 30-MINUTE SHOW on this topic too.


Audio Transcript:

Dave: Why does God allow “natural evil” to exist?

Jeff: Tornadoes, Hurricanes and other natural disasters are a serious problem.

Dave: Right, why doesn’t God just stop them?

Jeff: When Jesus was told that his friend Lazarus was dying, what did he do?

Dave: He went and raised the guy from the dead! EPIC MIRACLE!

Jeff: Yeah, but before that?

Dave: He … waited until Lazarus died.

Jeff: Yeah. Then he was quite a ways away – how did he get there, did he
transport miraculously?

Dave: He walked. Pretty normal.

Jeff: How did he find the tomb? Did he read everyone’s mind?

Dave: No, he asked for directions.

Jeff: Even when Jesus was going to do one big miracle, he still used normal
methods to do everything else. It seems that God prefers to let things work the
way he designed them.

Dave: So, for example, you’re saying that God designed beaches to be covered
with water. So if we build a house on a beach…

Jeff: It will probably get hit by water; that’s not God’s fault. We just placed our
home in a place where it’s natural to flood!

Dave: More on that next time.

Jeff: On

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