Why Natural Evil Happens – with Clay Jones

May 26, 2013

Topic Notes


This episode contains 20 minutes of extra online content

  • Talk about natural evil (tornadoes, hurricaines, earthquakes, etc..)
  • Introducing Clay Jones
  • Evil was inserted into our world via Man’s Free Will
  • Why doesn’t God intervene?
  • Natural laws must work in regular ways if our actions are going to mean anything
  • Discussion: God’s intervention vs. real worship… what is the connection?
  • Bible Contradiction via The Freedom From Religion Foundation www.ffrf.org: Was Heaven Prepared for believers during creation?
    • Matthew 25:34


    • John 14:2
  • What is epistemic distance?
  • Constant intervention creates issues for Free Will
  • How do you get from the topic of Natural Evil to Real Love? We just did it!!
  • This world is training for the conjunction of Heaven and Free Will
  • Explaining Eternity
  • Eternal Life is the Main Event… not a P.S. to THIS life!
  • Everyone will have eternal existence: Eternal Life or Eternal Death

This show originally aired May 26, 2013

Why Does Evil Exist?



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