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Does our place in the Universe prove that God is real? 60 Seconds of Truth!

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We did a two part series on this topic
Privileged Planet Pt1
Privileged Planet Pt2


Audio Transcript:

Dave: Did you know that our World and Universe are designed perfectly for
scientific discovery?

Jeff: Let’s assume we simply evolved, with no Divine guidance. Would there be
any reason to believe that the stars would align just right for us to make scientific
discoveries about the universe?

Dave: Not likely. But, what’s one example of the universe being designed so that
we can make discoveries?

Jeff: “The positions and characteristics of the planets are fine-tuned to provide
observers on Earth with a dark enough night sky that they can measure virtually
all the features of the universe.” 1

Dave: The gas giants are far from the Sun. They protect us from dangerous
meteors – but if Jupiter traded places with Mars –

Jeff: It would be over 1,500 times brighter in the sky – forget observatories, it’s
way too bright to see things with that much light.

Dave: If we were on Venus, we couldn’t investigate astronomy either!

Jeff: In fact, if just about anything were different in our solar system we couldn’t
investigate the Universe.

Dave: Hmm, sounds well designed for life and scientific discovery.

Jeff: Exactly!


1 Ross, Hugh. “Why the Universe Is the Way it Is” page 83.

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