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Near Death Experiences are nothing new… but are they REAL?

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We did a FULL 30-MINUTE SHOW on this topic too.


Audio Transcript:

Dave: There have been a huge number of books published about near death
experiences. Many people claiming that they –

Jeff: – or their kid –

Dave: – have experienced Heaven or Hell.

Jeff: But are these books fact, or fiction? In our last Truth Shot we pointed
out that people can’t be experiencing Heaven or Hell after death, according to
Hebrews 9:27.

Dave: It’s possible they are experiencing some kind of intermediate state before

Jeff: Ok… But the problem with these books is that every book and every person who
experiences an NDE experiences something different.

Dave: Because of that, the most likely explanation is they are experiencing
something based upon their own conscious, or unconscious, beliefs.

Jeff: It doesn’t mean that people never experience something Spiritual –

Dave: But, we should not take these books as teachings about what Heaven or
Hell are like.

Jeff: If we want to know what heaven and hell are like, look to the Bible and look to
the words of Jesus, not subjective expieriences.

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