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Near Death Experiences are nothing new… but are they REAL?

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We did a FULL 30-MINUTE SHOW on this topic too.


Audio Transcript:

Dave: Are near-death experiences real?

Jeff: We’ve done a full show on this – but the short answer is, yes! And… no.

Dave: We say yes because we agree that something spiritual is happening.

Jeff: And with the evidence we have, there is no medical or scientific explanation
that is satisfactory.

Dave: Douglas Groothuis has said, “The NDE does give us a glimpse of vast and
varying spiritual dimensions.…This realm is not the final state of the soul, but
an intermediary state of detachment from the body and engagement with an
immaterial but not wholly benign spiritual reality.”

Jeff: But we say “no” they aren’t totally real because, Biblically, we know that
Near Death Experiences are not actual experiences of Heaven or Hell.

Dave: Death is only a one-time deal according to Hebrews 9:27.

Jeff: Plus, everyone sees something different – some people see Biblical things and
some people see very unBiblical things. When experiencing or hearing about near
death experiences we must test everything in light of Scripture.

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