Near Death Experiences

October 28, 2012

Topic Notes


  • Gallup Poll: Out of 1,500 adults polled, 1/3 say they have had a Near Death Experience
  • Using the 1/3 ratio, by 1981, as many as 8 Million people may have experienced NDE
  • Cardiologist Michael Sabom
    • Originally a skeptic
    • Researched NDE for 25 years and found the phenomena to be probable.
  • Discussion of possible medical explanations for NDE’s
    • Usage of Hallucinogenic Drugs.
    • Problems with Anesthesiology during medical procedure (patient still semi-conscious)
    • Visions Due to Hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the blood)
  • In many medical NDE’s, patients describe medical procedures in detail without first-hand knowledge.
  • Bible Contradiction
    • How long did it take for Jesus to get to Heaven after the crucifixion?
      Matthew 12:40 vs. Luke 23:42-43 (3 days vs. Immediately)


This show originally aired October 28th, 2012