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In today’s Truth Shot, we discuss the power behind our spoken words.

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Mega Church Pastor, Joel Osteen, has said, “Your words have enormous
creative power. The moment you speak something out, you give birth to it. This
is a spiritual principle, and it works whether what you are saying is good or bad,
positive or negative.”

Jeff: But, is what Joel said Biblical? If all he was saying was, “if you are constantly down in
the dumps, life will be harder than if you have good outlook” – well, I would agree.

Dave: But word of faith teachers are actually saying there is some kind of mystical
power in your words.

Jeff: Some may argue that God’s words created the Universe – so why don’t our
words create reality?

Dave: Well, how about this – because we aren’t God!

Jeff: The most important words we can utter are words of prayer. Because GOD
is the one who holds all power; when we talk to Him we are speaking to the one
who loves us, and hears us.

Dave: So, the next time you want to speak something into existence… try asking
God to do the heavy lifting for you.

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