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Don’t all Christian Churches believe the same thing?

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Dave: If Christianity is true, why are there so many different denominations? Wouldn’t all Churches believe the same thing?

Jeff: Yeah! If science is true, why are there so many different theories? Wouldn’t all scientists say the same thing?

Dave: Ahhh – just because something is true, doesn’t mean humans don’t disagree about it.

Jeff: Exactly. Denominations don’t mean Jesus didn’t rise from the dead. It just means people who want to know God are actual human beings who have disagreements with each other.

Dave: But, there are some pretty significant differences. Doesn’t that mean the Bible is pretty unclear?

Jeff: Well, for the most part, all denominations agree on the essentials. We are sinners. Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead. We need God to forgive us, and Jesus took our punishment on himself.

Dave: That’s the BIG STUFF. It’s after that where disagreements come in – some bigger – some little tiny.

Jeff: Some Churches put a lot of emphasis on their traditions, some (like ours) emphasize Jesus’ teachings.

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