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Is the Bible diminished with so many different translations?

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Dave: There are thousands of different Bibles available to us.

Jeff: True! Many different translations, and even among translations there are different types of Bibles.

Dave: Isn’t that just evidence that the Bible isn’t consistent?

Jeff: Here’s the truth. The Bible was originally written by prophets, mainly in Hebrew or Greek. Whenever you translate something from one language to another there are different ways to say it.

Dave: For instance, I could say, “Hay un fiesta en mi cabeza!”

Jeff: Literally, we could translate that as, “There is a party in my head!”

Dave: Or, you could get the meaning across: “I’m going crazy!”

Jeff: It means the same thing, it’s just a different way to put it in English. That’s how Bible translations work.

Dave: They all say the same thing, there are just different ways to put the Hebrew and Greek into English.

Jeff: That’s why there are different translations. Now, among translations you’ll see different kinds.

Dave: “The NIV Study Bible” or “The NIV Archeology Bible.”

Jeff: In these the Bible’s words are exactly the same. But, there are articles written by scholars to help you understand things. That’s the only difference.

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