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Are we preordained? Is there fate or predestiny? How does interaction with God affect our free will?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: How can free will exist at the same time God interacts with the world? If God does anything, doesn’t that our stop free will?

Jeff: Good question. If God stepped in and changed things all the time, that would certainly mean we don’t have much choice.

Dave: But, free will is an extremely important concept.

Jeff: So is the belief that God interacts regularly. But, here’s the deal: Just because God interacts with us, it doesn’t always constitute interference with our free will, especially because he often interacts when we ask him to.

Dave: Did Adam and Eve have free will? Yeah. Did God know what would happen. Yeah. But, perfect knowledge of an event is not causal knowledge.

Jeff: Think back to what you had for lunch yesterday – you know everything about it down to the taste, smell, how long it took, etc.

Dave: But the fact that you know it perfectly has no influence over the fact you were free to choose it.

Jeff: Likewise, God knows everything- but not in a causal sense. He’s outside of time! It’s like seeing something that happened yesterday.

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