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What is ekklesia and why is it important to know?

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Dave: Is Church a building, or can it be a group of believers that get together to worship?

Jeff: The Greek word for church is ekklesia.

Dave: It was a common word used for non-religious reasons at that time.

Jeff: Ekklesia was a way to describe something like town business.

Dave: Note this: religious assemblies never used the word Ekklesia until Jesus! It was a word for when someone would cry out “come to this important meeting!”

Jeff: Then people would come to do important business – while there they were part of “the church.” And that is the word Jesus started to use to call Christians gathered together locally.

Dave: So, what is the body of Christ? Primarily, it is a local gathering of Christians committed to each other, and meeting together, to do important business of God!

Jeff: That’s a good definition of Church.

Dave: Thank you.

Jeff: Our local Church is “the place where” and “the people who” come together to actively serve God, speak about and experience and share God’s grace.

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