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What is the significance of Jesus’ appearance in history? Did He arrive at “just the right time”?

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Dave: If it was always God’s plan to provide salvation through Jesus, why didn’t he just send Jesus from the very beginning?

Jeff: Well, I can’t read God’s mind, I don’t know why he chose to send Jesus when he did. I’ve got a guess though…

Dave: Before that,though, we should point out that the most important question is, “Did Jesus rise from the dead?” If he did, then this question is interesting, but it won’t determine if we should be a Christian or not.

Jeff: Now, why did Jesus come when he did? Romans 5:6 says, this: “At just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.”

Dave: Interesting – “just the right time” is when he came – whatever that means.

Jeff: Did you know that LESS THAN 1% of the entire HUMAN POPULATION LIVED PRIOR TO JESUS!

Dave: 99% of people who have lived, lived after Jesus.

Jeff: I think that arriving before 99% of humanity would qualify as “just the right time.”

Dave: Not only did population really start exploding after Jesus, but roads, and universal communication existed to spread the news.

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