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Even if Evolution were true (we believe it isn’t), the Teleological Argument still points to God’s handiwork! Next?!

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Dave: Melissa, one of our listeners, emailed and asked, “I’m in school, and my philosophy text book said that the Argument from Design is no longer valid because of Evolution. Is that true?”

Jeff: One of our favorite questions to ask when people challenge is this: “If what they are claiming is true… does that mean what they imply?”

Dave: In this instance, If evolution is 100% true would that rule out the Teleological Argument!?

Jeff: The answer is, “no!” It wouldn’t rule out the argument from design.

Dave: First, evolutionary science has not ruled out the Teleological Argument, even biologically. For instance, take the Cambrian explosion.

Jeff: If it employed evolution, we’d still have to ask how on Earth such an unlikely event could happen in such a short period of time.

Dave: Also, for billions of years outer space just happened to produce an environment perfectly suited for life.

Jeff: The galaxy, our solar system, the sun, Earth, the moon – all the perfect sizes and distances – are all needed for life! Evolution has nothing to do with the design of non-biological entities.

Dave: Teleological argument still works.

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