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Yeah… we went there!

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Dave: One skeptic asked why God didn’t create human beings so that they would freely desire to do good? We could’ve avoided a lot of problems that way.

Jeff: It sounds good, but is that possible?

Dave: The skeptic is asking God to create a being with free will, who doesn’t actually get to make choices.

Jeff: If we automatically desire one thing over another, that’s not free will.

Dave: Okay, but what about Heaven, then? Won’t we always choose the right thing there?

Jeff: We will still be free in Heaven, and yes we will always choose good. The thing is we already chose to be there.

Dave: So, God will reveal himself to us fully and completely.

Jeff: If he had done that now we would have no choice, we’d all fall down in fear. But for those who freely choose God, we’ll see him as he really is.

Dave: At that point, the choice between a sinful choice or the right choice would be like the choice between eating dog poop or cake.

Jeff: No sane person would ever choose the dog poop. That’s what sin will seem like to those of us who chose God. And that’s how we’ll have Free Will in Heaven

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