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Do you feel comfortable with a God that has limits to His knowledge? Thankfully, we’ll never know what that’s like!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Does God know everything?

Jeff: A certain group of theologians are now suggesting that God only knows “some of everything.”

Dave: Confused? Well, they say God knows everything that is possible to know, but since your free -will choices haven’t been made yet, he doesn’t know those.

Jeff: But, Biblically, it certainly seems like there is no limit to God’s knowledge. Not even theoretical limits.

Dave: Indeed. Psalms 147:5 says, “Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”

Jeff: NO LIMIT! There was no caveat to that statement. And 1 John 3:20 says, “For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.”

Dave: In John 21:17 Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, you know all things…”

Jeff: Jesus knows all things.

Dave: Certainly Open Theists are trying hard to reconcile free will with God’s power and knowledge. We commend them for that.

Jeff: But, until now, no theologian for thousands of years has promoted such a view. It seems unlikely that in 2014 we’d finally figure out what everyone else had wrong about God.

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