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We reject the “willy-nilly” notion & submit that there was a sound method to accepting scripture

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Dave: Many skeptics argue that Scripture was chosen arbitrarily.

Jeff: Right, as though Christians just picked some books we liked and said it was “from God” after that.

Dave: But, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Jeff: First and foremost, scripture had to be written by a prophet. In most cases of trying to discover whether something is the word of God or not, the most important factor is figuring out who the author is!

Dave: For instance, Apostle Paul wrote lots of books. And people knew the Apostle Paul as a prophet from God!

Jeff: So what did they do when he would write something to them?

Dave: They would STUDY IT! These were the words of a prophet, and therefore the words of God!

Jeff: See what’s going on here? In fact, the book of 2nd Peter was almost excluded because the writing style was different from Peter’s other book.

Dave: The Church realized Peter used a Scribe, so it was still included. But, WOW, the early Church was so particular on knowing a book was really from a prophet that even the writing style was analyzed.

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