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Do many “messiahs” diminish Jesus’ claims?

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Dave: What if we found someone who did many things just like Jesus, lived around the same time, and even claimed to have risen from the dead?

Jeff: It’s important to note that similarity does not mean equality.

Dave: points out some eerie similarities between President Lincoln and Kennedy.

Jeff: Both had lazy eye muscles which would cause one eye to wander.

Dave: Both had been skippers on boats

Jeff: Both were the second sons in their families.

Dave: Both married 24-year-old brunettes who spoke French fluently.

Jeff: Both had a child die while living in the White House.

Dave: Both had a doctor named Charles Taft

Jeff: Both were advised not to go to the place where they died.

Dave: Both were shot from behind and in the head.

Jeff: John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln from inside a theater, and fled to a warehouse. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from inside a warehouse and fled to a theater.

Dave: What does this mean!?!?!? NOTHING!

Jeff: Similarity does not mean equality. If you can find someone from history who was similar to Jesus, it takes nothing away from Jesus. He still was the Jewish Messiah who fulfilled prophesy.

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