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Do many “messiahs” diminish Jesus’ claims?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: What if there were other messiahs?

Jeff: What if we found someone who did many things just like Jesus, lived around the same time, and even claimed to have risen from the dead?

Dave: We’ve refuted some of these on previous shows –

Jeff: Right, guys like Appolonius, Sabbatai, Mithras, and more.

Dave: But, just think of the principle behind it. What if those stories were true?

Jeff: What would that take away from Jesus?

Dave: Jesus still fulfilled all the Jewish prophecy.

Jeff: Nobody else did.

Dave: Jesus still rose from the dead, and was recorded as a historical figure.

Jeff: He’s not a myth – he actual did these things, and was the legitimate Jewish messiah who rose from the dead. So, even if other people did some miracles – it takes nothing away from our worshipping Jesus.

Dave: We like to play the “what if it’s true game.” And usually we find out that Jesus doesn’t lose anything.

Jeff: So, the next time you hear one of these rumors, play the “what if it’s true” game – see if it takes anything from Jesus – and then, go ahead and look up the facts.

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