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What we believe is HUGE!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: What we believe about God is the most important thing about us!

Jeff: Tozer claimed that, and we tend to agree.

Dave: If you believe God is POWERFUL, that changes how you live.

Jeff: If you believe God is WEAK, that changes how you live.

Dave/Jeff: If you believe God is WISE or ABSENT or PRESENT or NEAR or FAR or even IGNORING YOU or especially PAYING ATTENTION to you – it all makes a difference in the way you live!

Jeff: It is for this reason, among others, that studying Theology is important. What do you TRULY believe about the God of the Universe. I don’t mean, what do you say you believe, but what actually sits inside your mind and the deepest parts of your soul?

Dave: What we have studied, and what we have come to believe deeply is what truly influences every action, thought, and every word from our mouth.

Jeff: So, crack open your Bible today and begun to study. Is what you believe about God real? Is it based from the Scriptures, or merely your human assumptions?

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