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The Christocentric Hermeneutic. How does this help us to see scripture?

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Dave: One of the ways we read scripture is with the Christocentric Hermeneutic. What does that mean?

Jeff: Basically put, we see Jesus as the pinnacle, the climax… the mountain top of all scripture; and we read and interpret scripture that way

Dave: The Old Testament isn’t merely a collection of writings explaining how things USED to be

Jeff: Not at all… It’s like a highway driving toward that moment in history when Christ appears. When we understand Salvation History in terms of everything pointing toward Christ, the Old Testament is much more relevant.

Dave: And the New Testament epistles aren’t merely theology books

Jeff: Thank you! They do contain deep theology, but it’s a reflection on what Jesus had done and how that works out

Dave: This fits together with our ‘Knit Together’ part of the C.R.A.C.K.E.D. acronym.

Jeff: Right. Reading the scripture with Jesus as the apex of revelation, allows us to make sense of how he is seen in scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Jesus isn’t just the most powerful prophet, He’s God in flesh, whom all scripture points to

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