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Could it be any more obvious that it REALLY IS all about Jesus?

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Dave: Jesus is the high point of all Scripture!

Jeff: That is how we understand and read Scripture: with a Christocentric hermeneutic.

Dave: Our Christocentric hermeneutical style emphasizes the words and life of Jesus, but does not discount the rest of God’s word.

Jeff: We simply see Jesus as the most crystal clear example of how to live, and what to believe.

Dave: Jesus seemed to indicate that he was the clearest revelation. In John 14:9 Jesus says, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Jeff: And, Jesus, talking about himself says, in Matthew 12:28, “the kingdom of God has come upon you.”

Dave: Many scriptures lead us to the conclusion that Jesus is the point.

Jeff: So, what do we do when we see difficult things in Scripture, like wars in the Old Testament?

Dave: All other scripture should be reconciled with what Jesus said, instead of ignoring Jesus when varying values in the Bible seem to conflict.

Jeff: I believe that a primary focus on believing the Bible, with an emphasis on Jesus’ life and words, is the proper focus for a true follower of Jesus Christ.

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