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The Christocentric Interpretation… Viewing all scripture through the mind of Christ!

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Dave: In his book, “The Anabaptist Story” William Estrep says:

Jeff: For all Anabaptists the Bible was the only rule of faith and practice for discipleship and the church. Biblical revelation was held to be progressive.

Dave: He continues, “The Old Testament was preparatory and partial, whereas the New Testament was final and complete. All of the Scriptures, they insisted, must be interpreted Christologically, that is, through the mind of Christ.”

Jeff: We see Scripture through the mind of Christ! If we believe Jesus was the creator of the Universe

Dave: Which we do

Jeff: And if we believe that Jesus is the living word of God

Dave: Which we do

Jeff: And if we believe that Jesus is God in flesh

Both: Which we do.

Dave: Then we should see ALL OF SCRIPTURE through the eyes of Jesus.

Jeff: He is the creator, and sustainer. He is the flesh on the word of God. So, all other scripture should be reconciled with what Jesus said, instead of ignoring Jesus when varying values in the Bible seem to conflict.

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