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What is Apologetics and how is it used by Christians to defend the faith?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: What is Christian Apologetics? Is it learning how to say sorry?

Jeff: Not exactly – Christian Apologetics is simply a defense of the Christian faith. The name itself, “apologetics,” comes from the Greek word apologia which means “to give a defense.”

Dave: Defense often implies some kind of military strategy or quarrel to American minds. That is not the case here.

Jeff: No. When we say, “defense” we merely mean defending our beliefs.

Dave: Or demonstrating the truth of a proposition.

Jeff: Yep – in this case the Christian faith, and being able to respond with a truthful, compelling answer to show the rationale for Christianity.

Dave: Now, generally, apologetics has a “defensive” posture, but sometimes apologetics goes on the offensive –

Jeff: Right! Sometimes apologetics tries to offer, not just answers to questions, but our own arguments to demonstrate that the fundamental pieces of Christianity (God, the Bible, and Jesus) are based in reality.

Dave: Sometimes people will reject apologetics stating, “God doesn’t need our help to be defended!”

Jeff: True! God doesn’t need to be defended, but sometimes humans do need answers.

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