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What is the actual status between Science and Religion?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Do Science and Religion conflict?

Jeff: One author (Ian Barbour) has seen four possibilities. They either conflict (and are incompatible), or they are independent (and just work on their own areas)

Dave: or they Dialogue (that is, they share information) or they integrate (meaning it’s possible for them to work with each other regularly).

Jeff: We prefer the dialogue or integration viewpoints. We believe that Science is an attempt find the truth.

Dave: And, so is Christianity!

Jeff: Both science and Christianity can “contribute to the development of an inclusive metaphysics” (Barbour).

Dave: For instance, the Teleological argument infers the existence of a Creator from our understanding of the natural world!

Jeff: On the flip side, understanding the mind of God gives us insight into the world – and belief that there is order and logic behind how things work.

Dave: Similar to how early scientists like Newton, Kepler, and Copercinus viewed things.

Jeff: For Christians, it should just make sense that studying the world around us should fit with studying the one who created it.

Dave: Amen!

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