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If you can’t “argue someone into the Kingdom, what use is apologetics?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Some Christians have pointed out that apologetics may not work because you can’t “argue someone into the Kingdom of God.”

Jeff: Of course you can’t. Apologetics isn’t some magical fairy dust.

Dave: And it’s not the same as praying with someone as they accept Christ. We should not give the impression that we can “argue someone into the Kingdom.”

Jeff: We simply present good logic and reasoning to help them on their way.

Dave: As one professor has put it, “Apologetics is not salvation, and it is not the road to salvation, it merely fills in potholes on the road to the door of salvation.”

Jeff: The door is Jesus Christ, and the road is the path that the Holy Spirit is leading them down towards Jesus.

Dave: The road, for some, contains large intellectual potholes making the journey uncomfortable, and undesirable.

Jeff: For some, the potholes can be a reason to turn around. It is our job to fill those potholes in; to give an intellectual defense of Christianity.

Dave: Right, we want to smooth their journey, because we desire no obstacle to be in anyone’s path to Jesus Christ!

Jeff: Fillin’ potholes!

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