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What claims are being made about Appolonius of Tyana?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jesus wasn’t the only Messiah.

Jeff: That’s what they say. Appolonius of Tyana was born about 2,000 years ago.

Dave: He Died and rose from the dead!

Jeff: He ascended bodily into the Heavens.

Dave: He was a great philosopher and teacher.

Jeff: He was not afraid to stand up to the authorities of the day and was put on trial.

Dave: He preached about moral goodness and did miracles!

Jeff: He was preceded by a “messenger” who told of his coming.

Dave: The religious type were jealous of him.

Jeff: WOW, sounds just like Jesus!!!

Dave: Only a few problems.

Jeff: Like, he didn’t fulfill the Biblical prophecies that Jesus did.

Dave: And Apollonius wasn’t God from the beginning of time, he became god in the story someone wrote.

Jeff: Right, and Apollonius didn’t actually exist! A pagan priestess named Julia Domna invented this story to compete with Christianity!

Dave: The similarities are interesting – but the differences are far deeper.

Jeff: If someone suggests there was another Messiah, make sure to look into all the facts before flipping out.

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