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Who was Sabbatai Sevi, and why is his claim to be Messiah so unbelievable?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jesus wasn’t the only Messiah.

Jeff: That’s what they say. Sabbatai Sevi was a 17th century Jewish teacher who claimed to be the Messiah!

Dave: A messenger came before him, as predicted.

Jeff: His tomb was empty, shortly after his death.

Dave: And there are miracle stories – once he cursed a church and it sank into the ground.

Jeff: Is this legit?

Dave: Well, his forerunner Nathan actually says he didn’t do miracles.

Jeff: Oh. And though some people claim his tomb was empty… nobody saw him resurrected.

Dave: In fact, Nathan says that Sabbatai is still sleeping.

Jeff: The biggest problem: he was captured by Muslims who forced him upon punishment of death, to say that he was not the Messiah and that people should convert to Islam.

Dave: And… Sevi did what the Muslims requested, denying that he was the messiah and telling people to convert to Islam.

Jeff: That should tell us something.

Dave: Ya think!?

Jeff: If someone suggests there was another Messiah, make sure to look into all the facts before flipping out.

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